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Native App Development

More than 10 years of developing iOS & Android native applications. Our apps are used by millions of users every day.
We use the latest Apple and Google SDKs to provide the best-in-class mobile experiences.

Multiplatform Development

We specialize in multiplatform app development. We have a reputation for creating high-quality, effective apps and offer services including app design, testing, and maintenance

Backend Development

Mobile end-to-end solutions it's not just mobile. We develop and maintain the backend used by your applications using the latest technologies and systems.
We can work with any cloud provider, you just need to relax and see how things happens

Frontend development

We use the latest frontend technologies to create beautiful control panels to visualize and manage all the data in your platforms.
We are able to create dashboards and scorecards inside your existing back offices or creating a new one from scratch.


We take care to automate all the procedures to test, validate and deploy the different platform components.
Our DevOps team will control the mobile, backend, and frontend deployments for you to ensure all the correctness.

Product Mobile Design

One of the key future of mobile development is to know which UI/UX design will have more impact on your end-users.
Our apps are designed to provide best-in-class mobile native experience and the team will help you to create elegant, easy-to-use mobile applications.

We are an experienced team of passionate developers

Creating from MVP to established product.
Best in class mobile experiences
Affordable cost for startups

We are part of your team. Our process fits your needs.

1. Project Idea

The first step is to clearly define the project idea. This involves identifying the key features and functions of the app, as well as the target audience and the overall goals of the project.

2. Development & Execution

Once we have a clear and detailed project proposal, we can begin the app development process. This typically involves several key steps, including Design, Development, Testing and Launch.

3. Launch & Scale

Once the platform has been launched, we continue to monitor its performance and gather feedback from users. This helps us identify any areas for improvement and make any necessary updates or enhancements to the app.

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What our great customers think about us

Kuan Foo
Former SVP Product & Engineering

“We partnered with Atlabs to launch into the world's largest enterprises with reliable mobile experiences. Their apps now power millions of sales conversations globally.

Anna Planas
Co-Founder @ Fling

"Working with Atlabs has been a pleasure, they understood and comprehended our project and goals and were able to transform our vision into a real app, just like we imagined or even better. Starting a new project is always difficult and partnering with them has been a great decision."

Ignasi Casanova
CEO @ Imbee

“Atlabs is our reference partner for the development of mobile solutions. At imbee we lead the chatbot market for large companies and we are very satisfied with both the quality of the developments and the involvement within the projects.

Francesc Grau
CEO @ Zonetacts

"Atlabs is a strategic partner for us. His vision of products and professionalism give us the security that any company needs from a partner in the mobile area."

Mina Boutros
VP Engineering @ Whisbi

"Atlabs have been our partner for a long time. The team is professional, dependable and dedicated. ATLABS has helped us evolve our mobile capabilities in a remarkable time. They feel like part of your core team and participate in product evolution, tech design and research"